The Reason Why This Teen Committed Suicide Is So Hard to Believe

A teenage boy committed suicide after a dispute with his mother over an iPhone 6. (Screenshot/Apple Daily)
A teenage boy committed suicide after a dispute with his mother over an iPhone 6. (Screenshot/Apple Daily)

I could never imagine that wanting to have and not wanting to give up an iPhone 6 could mean this much to someone.

A 14-year-old boy surnamed Zhou in New Taipei City, Taiwan, asked his mother to buy him an iPhone 6, but she refused, worrying that he would become addicted to it.

He then used his pocket money to secretly buy one, but his mother confiscated it, and scolded him when she found out on Jan. 11.

After school on Jan. 15, the boy went to the top of the 27-story apartment block instead of his family’s unit on the 14th floor, and jumped off, according to Apple Daily.

His elder brother was in the study room on the first floor, and ran out to see what had happened after hearing a loud crashing sound outside.

He was shocked speechless when he saw his brother lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

According to the police, the boy’s parents are both teachers, and have high expectations of their kids. They love them, and have somewhat spoiled them, trying to give them whatever they needed or wanted.

Perhaps this explains why the boy couldn’t stand his new phone being confiscated. There must be so much peer pressure to have one.


Editor’s note on Jan. 26: Chinese media have since reported that the reason for the boy’s suicide was not that straightforward, as he may have been bullied, and some of his classmates said he stole the phone. The school released an announcement asking bloggers to stop commenting on the news for the sake of his family and friends.

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