This Man Is Riding a Masterpiece Like Zhuge Liang’s on the Street!

The design of chancellor Zhuge Liang's wooden ox. (Image: NTDTV)
The design of chancellor Zhuge Liang's wooden ox. (Image: NTDTV)

The wooden ox (literally wooden ox and flowing horse) was first created by chancellor Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period. It was said to have looked like an ox or horse, with many hidden mechanisms inside its body.

According to historical records, it could cover dozens of li (about 3 miles) in a single day, carry a load of over 530 pounds, and even operate automatically.

It was such a great invention that even those who have tried to recreate it modern times have failed, making it a mystery in Chinese history.

However, a farmer-inventor in Hubei Province riding his homemade “wooden ox” on the street has recently been catching the attention of passers-by.

Su Daocheng riding his homemade “wooden ox.” (Image:

Su Daocheng was already well-known for manufacturing his own helicopter 10 years ago, but the plan failed when the craft crashed soon after takeoff.

Two months ago, Su began creating his own wooden ox which is about 5 feet high, 6.6 feet long, and weighs 660 pounds. It is composed of a go-kart engine, and metal parts including chains.

When moving, it looks like a horse with four legs and two wheels.

Su said: “The wooden ox is gasoline-powered so it can replace horses, and save time and effort working on the farm,” according to NTDTV.

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