How Special Is This Hot Pot Restaurant Built From Ice Bricks? (Photos)

    As well as hot pot, the restaurant also serves various snacks, such as cakes, sushi, sugar-coated hawthorns, and spicy skewers. (Image: to the ice palace. (Image: restaurant can accommodate 4 to 10 guests. (Image: interior view. (Image:

    Hot pot is a common dish in China best suited to dining with friends or a family gathering. In the cold of winter, people sit around a table, and warm up while enjoy delicious food boiling in a hot pot. What a treat!

    On Jan. 20, a special hot pot restaurant made its debut on Taiyuan Street in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

    This restaurant was built from 500 ice bricks, each with an average weight of 200 pounds. The construction was completed in one week. The final shape looks like an igloo, and it can accommodate 4 to 10 guests. Its diameter is 17 feet, and it is 12 feet high.

    Will it be cold for the guests eating inside the ice house? No worries, because the restaurant also takes temperature measurements to maintain warmth for the diners, according to Xinhua News.

    Guests can now have a unique hot pot experience, sitting in a frozen world, while eating hot meats and vegetables in comfort.

    Just enjoy the delicious food, and pretend you’re in the movie ‘Frozen’!


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