Marvel Comics Reincarnates ‘Secret Wars’ to Kill Off All Other Storylines

Marvel will recast its legendary Secret Wars event as a way to combine and unify the Marvel Universe.

In modern times, Marvel has kept two main universes, each with its own individual character storylines and event cycles. One was Ultimate Marvel, which became Ultimate Comics, in which the look and origin of characters and teams was rethought, simplified, and updated. It made things less confusing in comic books, and it holds similarities to the current crop of Marvel Studios films. There is also the official Marvel Universe. The one that has, for the most part, always existed in the comics.

Secret Wars

The new ‘Secret Wars’ will capitalize on the popularity of the original ‘Secret Wars’, while changing things forever. (Screenshot:

Secret Wars will throw these universes into each other, and is set to resurrect many different versions of characters and superhero teams that have existed throughout time in the Marvel Universe. Classic heroes in those timeless costumes will meet their modern renditions. Expect to see older and newer renditions of characters. And then it will all end for both Marvel universes. And something new will rise from the destruction.

Marvel is bringing its worlds to an end, and bringing forth a new universe.

Secret Wars #1

The original ‘Secret Wars’, with every superhero and their mama in it. (Image: “Secretwars1” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

The original Secret Wars storyline from 1984-85 brought a huge number of Marvel heroes and villains together like never before, and was unprecedented in scope. Before that, each hero or team was caught up in their own world, dealing with their own problems. Never had they all appeared together like this. The new Secret Wars is set to again unify Marvel heroes and villains, and give us a new beginning to it all. Exactly what will come forth in the end is still unknown.

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