How Using Social Media Reduces Stress

Social media has gotten a bad rap ever since its widespread adoption. Experts were saying people are becoming less active offline as they became more active online. This was seen as a factor in the decline of normal social skills needed for relationships in the real world, and during face-to-face communication.

And now they’re saying something different. New studies say that people benefit from having the larger social networks that the reach of technology can provide. They’re saying people can more easily keep up with their friends and relatives, and interact more. And this can lead to reduced stress. Why the change in perspective?

Social media interaction now a good thing, says science.

Given that the study is new and perhaps controversial, I’d say that society in general has been shifting further away from in person social interaction. So naturally, if you aren’t active on social media, you haven’t adapted. And that’s where all your friends have gone. That’s a result of social media’s hold on society.

Now that we have a social media society, major portions of our interaction with others occurs online. A study like this only accounts for that shift. If everyone else is online, you will be deemed socially disconnected if you aren’t maintaining regular computerized interaction with others. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, it’s a now thing.

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