What They Wore in the Subway Makes You Think It Must Be Halloween

Is he cosplaying a Watermelon Superman? (Image: qq.com)
Is he cosplaying a Watermelon Superman? (Image: qq.com)

When you think of the Beijing subway, it’s best-known for all those crowded views of passengers crammed into trains.

Usually everyone has to huddle together in the limited space, but that’s not the case for the man in this photo! Most people would probably give him a very wide berth.

On the night of Jan. 20, Beijing passengers saw a man wearing a watermelon. The giant green fruit perfectly covered his whole head, just like a helmet, and even had two star-shaped holes for his eyes. Talk about funny peculiar!

Witnesses said the man smelled of alcohol, according to QQ News. His bizarre appearance scared some passengers, and they called the police. He was then taken away, although the reason why he was wearing the melon remained unclear.

Interestingly, a similar strange scene happened in the Taipei subway five days ago, according to the news report. On the afternoon of Jan. 16, a man wearing a white face mask frightened some other passengers in the station.

Apparently he was wearing a thick coat, with a big scarf, and carrying two large bags. He kept the mask on for the whole journey.

A blogger commented:

Was he just rushing somewhere, and forgot the mask was still on his face?

Another joked: “Maybe he’s just another face mask devotee like Fan Bingbing.”

The man acted normal except the facial mask right on his face. (Image: qq.com)

The Taiwanese man acted normal except he was wearing a white face mask. (Image: qq.com)

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