Chinese ‘Tea Fairy’ Says Elderly Official Tried to Force Her Into Marriage

A 25-year-old tea expert claims a communist official tried to force her to marry him. (Image:
A 25-year-old tea expert claims a communist official tried to force her to marry him. (Image:

A young woman in Henan Province claims a cadre in the Chinese Communist Party has been blackmailing her into marrying him.

Popularly known as the “Tea Fairy of the Central Plains,” the 25-year-old professional tea expert goes by the pseudonym Peng Jing. She told local media that 61-year-old Li Chun’en, a district vice chief in Xinyang, has been harassing her so that she will marry him, according to

Peng said Li invited her to perform a tea ceremony at his mansion in the country last year, and wanted to learn the art of tea. She thus became his “master,” and he gave her presents from his collection of antiques and calligraphy. In return, she gave him well-known teas, or performed more ceremonies.

Li became ill early last year, so Peng and her sister visited him in hospital. But after he recovered, Li came over with a divorce certificate, insisting that Peng marry him now they were both single, or at least become his lover. He said otherwise she owed him 60,000 yuan (nearly $10,000) for all the gifts.

Peng was then detained by police, supposedly for fraud, but she said really Li was trying to intimidate her into agreeing.

At the police station, the chief of police surnamed Luyi threatened her sister, saying:

We can do anything to you if you don’t follow our orders. We can arrest you, or beat you to death.

“We can put you in custody right now like your sister Peng Jing.”

People in the local community called for online support to help Peng, and she has since been released. Li is now being investigated, but maintains that he is being slandered, and his reputation will be restored after the conclusion of a discipline inspection.

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