Mini Heroine: ‘He’s My Friend, I Don’t Want Him to Drown’

This little girl in Sichuan Province saved her friend from drowning. (Image:
This little girl in Sichuan Province saved her friend from drowning. (Image:

A 6-year-old girl in Sichuan Province saved her best friend’s life with her bare hands on Dec. 25 last year.

Wang Ziying and Wang Yaolong are neighbors, and classmates. That day, they played outside together after school as usual, and discovered a pond. The pair started having fun by throwing pebbles into the water to create ripples when Yaolong suddenly fell in.

Seeing her friend slip into the water, the girl immediately stretched out her hand to reach him.

Yaolong struggled to swim to the edge, grabbing onto her hand. But even with all the strength, Ziying couldn’t pull him out.

She shouted loudly, hoping someone would help them, and fortunately her mom Li Xueping had noticed that Ziying was late coming home.

Li was walking down the street looking for her daughter when she heard her screaming, and rushed to the scene. She quickly hauled the boy out of the water, and ran home with him in her arms.

The children’s mothers immediately put Yaolong in a hot bath to warm him up, and gave him some ginger tea, before taking him to hospital. Fortunately, thanks to the little heroine’s perseverance, Yaolong survived the freezing cold adventure without any health problems.

Although she couldn’t even hold her dinner bowl because her arms were shaking so much, Ziying was just glad that Yaolong was okay. Apparently she didn’t think about it at the time as she told “I just didn’t want to let him sink because he would’ve died!”

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