This Smart Cat Can Ask for Dinner in Chinese (Video)

Can animals talk to people? Most scientists would probably say no.

But the cat in this video is desperately begging its owner for fish… in Chinese!

A Weibo user called “Meow Planet” shared a short clip of the kitty speaking to its mistress.

In the clip, the hungry cat seems to be saying what it would like for dinner: “I want, I want, I want, I want! That fish, that fish, that fish! I want that fish!”

“I want fiiiiiiiiiish! Beef… beef noodle!”

When the lady asked the cat: “What?” it kept repeating its request: “I still want that fish!”

The video got shared around 3,000 times by cat lovers on Weibo. Some viewers said the feline was clearly speaking in the Sichuan dialect.

One blogger joked:

 Saying ‘what’ ruined all its efforts to ask for food. It simply entered the wrong language mode.


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