5 Simple Ways to Distinguish Good and Bad Feng Shui

5 aspects you need to consider for good Feng Shui. (Image: nipic.com)
5 aspects you need to consider for good Feng Shui. (Image: nipic.com)

Good feng shui can be judged from the following 5 aspects:


The ‘eyes’

If the place is beautiful and feels comfortable, the feng shui at this place is good.

The ‘ears’

At a particular location, if the sound you hear is pleasant to the ears, the feng shui is good. On the contrary, if it’s noisy, it will be a bad feng shui. The worst noise is the arguments caused by disharmony in the family. Also, quarreling has a bad influence on people, and has a great impact on the development of children. Harmony in the family (good feng shui) is the basis for success in any undertaking.

The ‘nose’

Does it smell nice? If you burn incense often in your home, keep fragrant flowers in the house to make it smell nice, then the feng shui will be good.

The ‘body’

Are there too many sharp and cold objects in your house? These things can easily harm the human body, so they are not conducive to good feng shui.

The ‘mind’

Feel the place with your eyes closed. Does this place feel peaceful and comfortable? If a house is decorated neatly and it makes people feel joyful, then the feng shui of the house is very good. Tidiness itself is a positive energy.

In summary, we can judge feng shui through the five aspects mentioned: the eyes, the ears, the nose, the body, and the mind. However, what you see with your eyes is also feng shui (for example, whether you look at others’ shortcoming or good points; or whether you like to watch violent or positive films). What you hear with your ears is feng shui (for example, whether you listen to gossip or to positive things). What you say is also feng shui, depending on whether your speech is malicious or compassionate. And what you do affects the feng shui as well. As for your mind activities, they are the biggest contributors to your feng shui!

Therefore, a person who only talks about directions and where to place the furniture without understanding the human factors involved actually does not completely understand feng shui.

Of all the theories about feng shui, what’s the most important? It’s the human factors!

These include the human heart, a person’s speech, mind intent, and conduct, as well as his or her facial expression and countenance, or even the hairstyle and dress, and so forth. Therefore, the most important factor for feng shui is about becoming a good person or a better person.

Translated by Wendy, Chinese edited by Aizhu Lu

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