This Computerized Eyewear Allowed Blind Mother to See Her Newborn Son for the First Time

We tend to take everything in our lives too much for granted… such as vision. Almost everything we do revolves around seeing.

Imagine a world without sight, because many people around the world are either legally blind or totally blind. Kathy Beitz is one of the people who is legally blind.

But new technologies are allowing “miracles” to happen. Beitz was fitted with eSight, a new technology that allowed her to see her first baby just after delivery.

In fact, Beitz had never seen any baby. “For the first baby that I get to actually look at,” Beitz said, “being my own is very overwhelming.”

According to Beitz’s sister Yvonne, Beitz suffers from Stargardt Disease, and lost her vision as a child.

Having such a powerful experience, Beitz took in everything about her newborn son, admiring his long toes, which were like his dad’s, and cute little mouth, which she thought were like hers.

Hopefully, this technology will allow Beitz to watch her new son grow up.

Don’t take anything in life for granted—every moment is precious if you allow it to be so.

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