2 Chinese Chauffeurs Become Rich in Very Different Ways

Two Chinese chauffeurs became wealthy in very different ways. (Image: Joybot via Compfight cc )
Two Chinese chauffeurs became wealthy in very different ways. (Image: Joybot via Compfight cc )

The drivers of the richest man in Asia, and of a former Chinese general both became wealthy through their bosses’ connections. But one learned from his employer’s investment strategies, while the other used illegal means.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing‘s chauffeur was preparing to retire. Li gave him HK$2 million (about $24,000) as a retirement gift, but the man declined as he had already made several million. Li was surprised to hear this because his salary was only a few thousand dollars a year.

The chauffeur replied: “While I was driving, I paid attention to what you said in the back seat with your partners regarding which stocks to buy. Wherever you bought land, I bought a small piece in the same area. Whichever stocks you bought, I bought some too.

That’s how I have acquired the millions I have today!

So becoming wealthy isn’t necessarily about being smart, but about the people you learn from. The driver followed Li’s investment strategies in small steps, and ended up a millionaire himself.

Li Ka-Shing (Screenshot)

Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man. (Screenshot)

The chauffeur of former People’s Liberation Army general Xu Caihou also acquired as much wealth as Li Ka-shing’s man. But how?

As the number of people bribing Xu to get promotions grew, not only were Xu’s pockets bulging, but his secretary and chauffeur also got rich. Being close to Xu, his man naturally became a much sought-after person. He took a commission for every bribe that passed through him to his boss.

But after the corruption investigation into Xu began, his chauffeur was also arrested.


Retired general Xu Caihou. (Image: Wikipedia)

At first glance, both chauffeurs seemed to do the same work, and both men closely followed the paths of their employers. In reality, their situations are very different…

Li’s chauffeur became wealthy through upright means, while Xu’s chauffeur fed off illegal bribes. The former can enjoy a fruitful retirement with dignity, but the latter will probably die in prison.

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