Are Cellphones Becoming Young People’s New Life Partners?

A young couple hang out: Let's play on our cellphones next to each other! (Image:
A young couple hang out: Let's play on our cellphones next to each other! (Image:

On social occasions these days, it’s common to see everyone’s heads down around the table, playing with their cellphones instead of talking to each other. How about at home? Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much difference. And this is exactly what caused a recently married couple in China to get a rapid divorce after a lightning marriage.

Mr. Wang and Miss. Zhang went on a blind date in January 2013, and got married a month later. The rushed marriage was probably not due to love at first sight. It seems the young couple might have been playing with their cellphones while dating, and didn’t actully know each other very well.

Soon the lack of mutual understanding and emotional foundation in their relationship began to cast a shadow on their married life. Mr. Wang discovered his wife was addicted to her cellphone.

In the divorce court, the young husband complained that she spent all her time at home on her cellphone, surfing the Internet. She ignored their baby son, and didn’t take care for the child, not to mention doing the housework. However, she said that they just had very different outlooks on life.

On Jan. 21, after the court mediation, the young couple finalized the divorce agreement, and both promised they would not jump into marriage hastily again.

Also they promised to play with their cellphones as little as possible, and communicate more with their families.

Their case is not an isolated one. For the younger generation, cellphone addiction and poor communication between spouses has become a major factor leading to divorce, according to Sina News.

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