Communists Provoke Taipei Mayor: ‘It Won’t Work Even if You Replace 10 Police Chiefs’

Communists in Taiwan are still acting up, even though new Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je promised to replace the city police chief if Falun Gong meditators get assaulted again.

This clip shows the group continuing to verbally abuse practitioners, and a woman called Zhang Xiuye even challenged the mayor in front of police, saying: “It won’t work even if you replace 10 police chiefs.”

She yelled:

Yes, I am a Chinese Communist Party thug. You should be glad I haven’t hacked you to death,

but the practitioners seemed unmoved, and made no response.

A victim called Ms. Cai from Jiayi, who was beaten by the group last year during a family trip to Taipei, was still a bit fearful when interviewed on Jan. 23. She told Epoch Times: “The Concentric Patriotism Alliance’s behavior is shameful for the city of Taipei.”

Taipei City Councilor Tong Zhongyan believes the violent group should be banned from Taipei 101, and their acts completely prohibited.

Mayor Ko Wen-je responded angrily to the situation, stressing that Taiwan must never be controlled like this.

Like the subtitles in the middle section of the video, I’m wondering:

  • Is shouting those obscenities their idea of freedom of expression?
  • Is this behavior what the citizens should tolerate?
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