Exploring Shanghai on a Layover

Mike and Jay are back again! I brought you their epic journeys to Iceland in the past month, and now they have gone to China!

They stopped for a quick layover on their way back from Vietnam (I’ll recap and share that video later).

What they found in Shanghai may surprise you.

One of the first things they did in Shanghai was to try some of the local food (duh, I would too!). But I would also be careful—it’s what they say it is.

What to try first? Image: Screenshot/Youtube

What to try first? (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)


Lesson #1: Not everyone in Shanghai speaks English, as the travelers found out when they had to use their phone to translate to order food (2:00).

Lesson #2: Street vendors have some good breakfast (3:11). Just make sure those are real eggs!

Lesson #3: This garden is “insanely pretty” (3:45).


The Shanghai Skyline. Image: Screenshot/Youtube

The Shanghai Skyline. (Image: Screenshot/YouTube)


While they got the tourist treatment in Shanghai, there are still some darker lessons they didn’t see or mention.

Lesson #1: Shanghai (like Beijing) has an almost unbelievable pollution problem.

Lesson #2: Human rights abuses in Shanghai are quite common. In fact, Falun Gong practitioners are commonly arrested and tortured, as are petitioners, house Christians, and human rights lawyers and activists.


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