Watch Biz Markie Become Rolf the Dog and Sing ‘Just A Friend’ to Miss Piggy

When Just A Friend came out in 1989, I was just a young fellow. It was hot and it was New York City. People everywhere and of all ages picked up on this hilarious song. It made Biz Markie a household name.

Biz Markie

Sorry Biz, love hurts. (Image: “Just a Friend single” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

And now, turns out Rolf the Dog had the same experience! He’s had a secret crush on Miss Piggy all this time. But all this time she’s only had eyes for Kermit. Sorry Rolf, you’re a great guy and a great musician. I’m sure you’ll find the love you deserve.

The song is about false love and heartbreak, but so comical, that you couldn’t help laughing at another man’s misfortune. It’s the way he belts the chorus so sincerely that makes us take lost love so lightly. And it’s catchy and easy to sing.

The song experienced a resurgence when singer Mario did a remake in 2002 that did better on music charts than the original. You can see the Biz lurking in the video if you watch carefully:

A song which laughs in the face of lost love is the best kind of love song.

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