Why Does America Ignore the Radical Boko Haram?

Between January 3 – 7, the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram went on a brutal rampage in Nigeria’s north-east, according to some accounts killing an estimated 2000 people.

The Nigerian government disputes these high figures though, saying that around 150 people were killed.

Either way, it’s a part of Boko Haram’s ISIS like aspirations to set up a caliphate which has resulted in the displacing of tens of thousands of Africans.

Last year they killed an estimated 11,245 people.

While it appears ISIS in the Middle East is currently being contained, the opposite can be said for Boko Haram.

The terror group seems to be ready to make further expansion into neighboring states and on Sunday they began an assault on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri which has a population of more than 600,000.

With all this in mind, the question for me then as a American, is why didn’t we hear about the Boko Haram killings that occurred earlier this month to the degree that we did of the Charlie Hebdo attacks?

Well sometimes comedians have a good way of conceptualizing why these things are as they are.

The question of where we put our media resources and hashtags is an interesting one and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show breaks it down brilliantly in the video further below.

Using satire, Jon Stewart and Noah ask the question: “What do Americans care about? Is Africa being left out, and if we are serious about defeating terror worldwide isn’t the threat of Boko Haram a great one?”

Perhaps we don’t care about African terrorists because we don’t think they can affect us?

If the government of the United States is serious about combating terror worldwide then we must not ignore Africa or it’s people.

Finally, as citizens of the world we should have compassion for all those affected by evil and terror worldwide no matter where they are.

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