10 Best-Looking Asian Male Celebs… Chosen by 2 Asian Guys? (Video)

Normally, men (and women) talk about female celebrities they like: Who’s cuter, who’s more seductive, who looks better in a comparison… But in this funny video, we don’t get to have an opinion because two men have already made the choice for us!

When I watch this, I feel like I’ve been listening in on a private conversation. It’s a very funny exchange about why a man is good looking—or notfrom a male perspective.

I’m not sure how well they’ve represented us, but if I had to choose, I prefer Mike’s selections over Dan’s (although 3 and 5 are pretty close).

However, the Asian man I think is most handsome is not on either guy’s list!

For me that would be Taiwanese actor Vic Zhou who won the award for best actor in the 2013 Golden Bell Awards.

Tell me which Asian man you think is the most handsome one from all these options?

Photo Credit: Epoch Times

Vic Zhou (Image: Epoch Times)



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