How Hard Is It to Be Black in China?

This is Hilarious. It could only come out of personal experience. I guess it’s going to be hard in any place where people constantly associate you with the little they have heard and seen on TV of people that look like you.

I’ve never been to Mainland China, but in Taiwan, the “other” China, it was quite mellow. I’m not sure if it’s due to my tan appearance, or due to the different environment. Perhaps both. I was more likely to get mistaken for somebody from Southeast Asia than someone from Africa or a Black American celebrity.

In China, skin color can make you a celebrity.

But it’s good to see basketball is making a breakthrough. I’m all about basketball. But don’t applaud Stephon Marbury just yet. In that cartoon they show him in a children’s uniform. It’s the uniform they make children wear when they swear allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party. Yes, in China the brainwashing begins early. I am hoping Marbury isn’t finding himself so comfortable there that he falls unwitting victim to it.

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