Male Flight Attendants Dress Like ‘The Empress of China’ (Photos)

    It's really like the character just walked out of the TV drama. (Image: you tell these three ladies are actually men? ( flight attendants dressed like Tang Dynasty ladies. (! ( ladies serving drinks on the flight. ( ladies demonstrating safety tips in the cabin. ( on the aesthetic standard of the Tang Dynasty, beauties must have a full and round body. Male attendant Bo (in the middle) joked:

    Discussions about the TV drama The Empress of China recently went viral in China. It was censored briefly because of too much cleavage showing, and there were plenty of debates about women’s costumes during the Tang Dynasty.

    Regardless of whether Chinese ladies really dressed so sexily during that era, the gorgeous dresses and magnificent makeup in the drama deeply impressed viewers. This has led to a boom in imitations of the Empress, who is played by well-known actress Fan Bingbing.

    Some trainee flight attendants at Sichuan Vocational College of Civil Aviation decided to follow the trend. Interestingly, several of the attendants in the team were male students. But with nice makeup and wearing heavy dresses, you can hardly tell if a beautiful lady was actually a man.

    In Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty was a period of well-developed etiquette and high civilization.

    In the training cabin, the flight attendants aimed to present the mid-air version of The Empress of China, bringing traditional etiquette to professional services.

    One of the attendants said: “We just want to challenge ourselves, and show our best side,” according to the Sina News.

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