Terminator: Genisys Gets a Spot at the Super Bowl, but You Can See It Here First

Here’s a newer, shorter teaser trailer for the next Terminator movie coming this summer. What’s different about this trailer? This one focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger. And there’s more Arnie to go around. His younger self and his current self are all in there. And since this is a time travel movie, perhaps multiple incarnations of him will meet in different time periods.

The original trailer went over better for me. Got more of an idea of the story. But this one just gives you an idea of how often our ex-Governator will make an appearance.

Will this be the film Arnold Schwarzenegger needs for a comeback?

Look out for the trailer spot come Super Bowl Sunday, along with trailers for Jurassic World, Insurgent, and Tomorrowland. I guess Mr. Schwarzenegger is looking to make a full comeback in Hollywood since his retirement from politics in 2011. But he’s a much older man than he used to be. He’s not in possession of the same physique and charisma that used to draw crowds.

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