2-Headed Fire Truck: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This?

There are some unusual things going on with the fire service in China. Last week we heard about Disney-style firefighters, and this week a funny-looking truck was spotted.

A Nanjing resident happened to see this new fire engine on the road, and didn’t understand the design.

He reportedly said: “I was too scared to hold my steering wheel that day when I drove behind this fire truck, thinking

Those firefighters are really awesome. They can even drive in reverse.

The truth is that a special new design was recently introduced in the Jiangsu capital: double heads!

This new prototype was first used in Austria, according to China News. It has a unique double cab and four-wheel steering system, which enables the vehicle to easily maneuver along narrow streets or tunnels. A double-headed fire truck costs 9 million yuan (about $1.4 million).

The unique two-way truck was allocated to a local squadron that’s in charge of an old district of the city with narrow alleys and several important tunnels.

A firefighter told Sina News that a car spontaneously combusted inside a tunnel in this area last summer. It was difficult for the regular fire truck to enter the confined space following the necessary procedure because the fire engine has to reverse into the tunnel to allow for easy evacuation in case of danger.

However, the two-headed fire truck doesn’t have this problem. It only took 10 minutes for the new truck to put out the fire and exit safely.

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