Marvel Reveals A-Force, an All-Female Avengers to Form in ‘Secret Wars’

Marvel set to unveil all-female Avengers replacement group. (Screenshot:

Marvel’s mightiest females will come together as A-Force. In the newly constructed Marvel universe that births out of Secret Wars, Marvel will look to please its female fans once again.

Not sure if this will be a temporary team, just during the Secret Wars storylines, or a permanent Avengers offshoot. It will, of course, depend on how well the title is received. If this brings a new crowd of female fans to Marvel, it’s sure to stay. And we’re sure to see a movie further down the road.

Marvel’s all-female Avengers are ready to kick butt.

Marvel is looking to shake things up in comics and diversify even more. Marvel has always had female superheroes, but now they are relentlessly going after the female market. They’ve poured a lot of effort into Ms. Marvel. A woman even became the Mighty Thor.

What other superhero gender reversals and new female teams of characters are we yet to see? It’s probably going to depend on what we, the fans, all want to see.


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