Asian American Comedy ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Is a Celebration All Immigrants Can Join

TV viewers need to give this show a chance. Knowing how volatile the world of TV can be, lend this show a few eyes of support. Help keep it on the air. Eddie Huang indeed has a remarkable story on his way to fulfilling the American Dream. A big part of that would be his youth as part of an immigrant family from Taiwan.

The show brings vindication to an experience so common to the immigrant communities that inundate the United States. It’s an experience common to the immigrant kids I grew up and went to school with in New York City. There’s a lot of potential for a show like this. It’s looking like an Asian American Everybody Hates Chris.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ opens the immigrant experience to the masses.

The show is high in the ratings right now. But they really need to keep the writing, and especially the acting, very strong. My ears cringe at the parents’ fake accents. You can just hear the educated American speech struggling to get free underneath accents unrelated to any sort of Chinese dialect. That kills the realism for me. Maybe most Americans won’t catch it? But the experiences he relates are humorous and true enough.

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