Top Events to Watch as NBA All-Star Weekend Begins in New York City

From Brooklyn to Manhattan, All-Star Weekend has already started. The young Barclays Center in Brooklyn will host events on Friday and Saturday. That’s before the 2015 All-Star Game takes us to Manhattan and into Madison Square Garden for the main event on Sunday.

As for tonight, get ready to see the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. The game will feature actors, music artists, former basketball players, and basketball team owners. Comedian Kevin Hart will also return and is the 3-time MVP.

An NBA weekend of fun and intense competition.

After that, look for the NBA Rising Stars Challenge. The game will feature up and coming 1st and 2nd year NBA players. What’s unique is that the game will feature one team of NBA players born overseas competing against players born in the USA. The NBA is packed with quite some spectacular international players, so this should be a great showdown.

On Saturday, Valentine’s Day, we get to see all the stuff that makes All-Star Weekend so fun. First up, the Shooting Stars challenge, where an NBA player, a WNBA player, and a retired NBA player team up to make timed shots from various points on the floor as they try to beat out 3 other teams. Then look for the Skills Challenge, where the basketball court becomes an obstacle course to test all sorts of basketball skills.

The last two events for Saturday are the most anticipated of the weekend. The Slam Dunk competition and the Three-Point Contest. Expect to see some of the NBA’s most dynamic jumpers and deadliest sharpshooters in these events.

Finally, on Sunday the All-Star Game throws the finest players of the Eastern and Western conferences together for a superpowered basketball game.


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