World’s Tallest 3D Printed Building (Video)

A Chinese construction company has done it!

It wasn’t enough to build 10 1-story houses in one day last year using 3D printing technology.

Now they have built  the world’s tallest 3D printed building—a 5-story apartment block.

They have also built a 3-story mansion using the same technology. The buildings were designed and constructed by WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co.


A stand-alone villa printed with 3-D technology. (Image:

The most impressive structure is arguably the mansion, which measures in at 11,840 square feet.


3-D printed pre-fab section. (Image:

The walls, or “ink,” are made of construction waste and cement. The ink mixture is layered one layer at a time to make the walls, and this gives it a tiled look. These pre-fabricated walls are then put into place to build the entire structure. It’s not pretty, but it does the job. The interior walls and ceiling are yet to be finished off.


Interior of a 3-D printed house before interior walls and ceiling have been finished off. (Image:

The 5-story apartment block with multiple units inside is impressive for its sheer size. The inside of a building look rough, but a completed structure will hide the layering behind finished-off walls.

Image : Caixin

A 5-story apartment building using 3-D technology. (Image: Caixin)

The mansion and the apartment block are both on display in China. Both buildings are proof of concept creations, but they really demonstrate how the future of affordable and quickly-produced housing, as well as office buildings and even factories, might come about.

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