Cutest Proposal Ever? Panda Gets down on One Knee for This Lucky Man

A 26-year-old Ukrainian woman proposed to her boyfriend in a panda costume. (Image:
A 26-year-old Ukrainian woman proposed to her boyfriend in a panda costume. (Image:

“Will you marry me?” is the most romantic question that many girls dream of hearing one day. But what if it’s asked by… a panda?

Six silly pandas formed a circle around a man and started dancing with the popular song “Xiao Pingguo” at a scenic spot in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Valentine’s day. Surrounded by strangers in panda costumes, the man was confused, and wondered what was going on.

When the song ended, one of the pandas pulled off its head to reveal a 26-year-old Ukrainian woman called Sasha. She knelt down on one knee to propose to her boyfriend Dabin.

“Marry her! Marry her!” said onlookers attracted by her brave confession. Dabin was deeply moved and the couple hugged and kissed.


Dabin was touched by Sasha’s proposal. (Image:


The couple hugged each other afterward. (Image:

Turns out their relationship began when Sasha made a wish to find her Mr. Right while traveling to Dujiangyan around a year ago.

Coincidentally or consequently she met Dabin that same day on the train back to Chengdu.

They had a fun conversation, swapped phone numbers, and started dating soon after.

Sasha said she’d been planning a surprise proposal for a while, and settled on the panda theme because Dabin often affectionately called her his “panda.”

Apparently their parents are fine with a cross-cultural marriage. Dabin has already been to Ukraine to meet Sasha’s parents, and she’s met his family several times when they traveled home for the holidays.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future!

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