Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Dance Into the Jumbotron Hall of Fame

Let’s face it, there’s an art to jumbotron dancing. When you’re at a sporting event and the cameras skim the audience only to focus on you and your party, it’s time to throw your best moves out for 15 seconds of stadium fame.

Jumbotron dancing is an art and a science.

Jumbotrons have been a staple in singling people out at sporting events. They are what makes going to games so fun. There’s always a chance you could be seen on the jumbotron. The anticipation can make one frantic.

You better take those few second for all their worth. I like how Jimmy and Taylor consistently dump approximately $50 dollars worth of stadium food on the floor so they can juice the jumbotron.

Baseball Jumbotron

All eyes on whoever shows up on the jumbotron, including you. (Image: Photo Credit: Bari D via Compfight cc)

Hockey Jumbotron

Imagine seeing yourself on this thing. (Image: Photo Credit: Dougtone via Compfight cc)

I have to admit, they’ve got great moves. They outshine all those other jumbortron dance hopefuls. With fat hot dog roasting and beer flowing at sports stadiums across America, you’re sure to see some wild times. They need to make a talent show focused on jumbotron dancers. This type of talent needs more exposure.

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