This Drone Films Magnificent Niagara Falls in Frozen Glory, America Forecast for More Record Lows

North America currently looks more like the Arctic than the home of 529 million people. We’re in the middle of a massive freeze, which could last until mid-March. But, get a little closer, and this ice-land starts to look more magnificent than bleak.

Here’s a shot from NASA of North America, taken on Feb. 19. See all that white? It’s snow. Not cloud patterns, or wind patterns, it’s straight up snow and ice.

Maybe all those little voices singing Frozen’s “Let It Go” and “the cold never bothered me anyway” have challenged the weather gods to test us.

The amazing drone footage of Niagara Falls from NBC News is just breathtaking.

You can’t get a better view of frozen Niagara Falls—this is what the drone was made for.

The ice encasing the falls isn’t expected to fully melt until May, and has attracted visitors from far and wide. It’s normal for the falls to freeze over. The smaller falls can freeze pretty solid, while the larger side only gets a frozen crust with water still rushing under the ice and over the falls.

Just keep in mind the sheer size of the falls and those massive ice pillars. You’d be a small black speck on that force of nature.

You might want to put this video on mute, the drone sound is pretty annoying. We know what waterfalls sound like anyway.


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