New Live Action ‘Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope’ Looks to Please the Fans

For all you anime fans there’s a new attempt at a Dragon Ball Z live action web series, and in many aspects, it’s looking solid.

Some fans shudder at another attempt to make a live action version of the iconic anime. Probably because of 2009’s wasted big-budget effort, Dragonball: Evolution, and rumored attempts to follow.

This solid effort at a live action Dragon Ball Z will stun.

So leave it to the fans to please the fans. What good is Hollywood in the age of the YouTube web series? So that’s why the project is produced independently and has sought funding through its own Indiegogo campaign. Though the funding goal fell short by a few thousand dollars, efforts continue over at Patreon. Nonetheless, the pilot episode looks gorgeous.

What’s cool about a web series like this, is that the production team takes us along and shows us their entire process. We’re all in this together.

And if you look at fan-funded projects as a whole, what would you prefer? To depend on Hollywood to fulfill all your wishes for the cost of a ticket, or to pay for those most connected with the whole culture of Dragon Ball Z to have your support in making the fans’ dreams a reality?

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