Minnesota Spoils Kevin Garnett With Praise in Emotional First Game Back

Kevin Garnett just had to show up. Minnesota basketball is back.

The Timberwolves beat the Washington Wizards 97 to 77 in KG’s first return game. His presence, which drew sheer excitement from fans throughout the game, was undeniable in the victory.

Kevin Garnett propels his old team to victory on .

KG spent his first 12 seasons in the NBA with the Timberwolves, selling out arenas while garnering the nickname, “The Big Ticket.” He went on to win an NBA championship only after being traded to the Celtics, which is where he stayed for 6 seasons before another trade brought him to the Brooklyn Nets.

Now back in Minnesota, he’s looking to end his career on the team he wants to own. Even though the current Timberwolves team is home to the slam dunk champion, they are otherwise weak, and currently hold the worst record in the Western Conference. But KG could change all that. He’s looking to make a difference before he retires and becomes an owner of the team.

While we celebrate his return, let’s remember his MVP season:

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