BMX Bicycle Vs. Motorbike, Who Wins?

In the battle of the 2-wheeled warrior, there is no wheel that spins faster than these champions of tricks.

In one corner, we have flatlands BMX biker Lee Musselwhite. In the other, we have sportsbike stuntman Lee Bowers. Two guys named Lee face off with and without motors for tricks requiring inhuman skill and balance.

Bikes from different worlds can’t contend for superiority. Can they?

I’m not sure how much crossover there is in the sportsbike, being a huge, heavy, high speed machine, and the BMX bike, being a rather small, slow, diminutive creature. But despite the machinery, both men display incredible balance and precision in tricks and stunts no ordinary man would dare.

Since flatlands BMX has no ramps or parks or things to jump off of, you’ve got to get really creative. With less you can do more. See Lee Musselwhite do a little more:

Our other Lee is also no joke. You could say it’s a little more risky with that hulking motor. But he tames that metal monster:

These guys are tied. They are both masters of their respective machines. They turn bike riding into art, while I’m struggling just to get around town by bike.

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