Pollution Jigsaw: These Photos Show Just How Bad Beijing’s Air Quality Is

    The pollution looked particularly obvious at Tiananmen Square. (Image: Sina News)The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (Image: Sina News)The National Theater in Beijing. (Image: Sina News)People visiting Tiananmen Square. (Image: Sina News)

    While everyone in China was busy celebrating the start of the Spring Festival, a creative photographer came up with this interesting way of showing the severe pollution in the capital.

    The shots were taken over seven days from Feb. 18 to 25 so you can see how volatile the conditions are.

    The first two days had average air quality, but pollution rose for the next three days, and was quite bad for the last two days, which seriously affected people’s enjoyment of the national holiday.

    Bloggers commented on the images via Wenxuecity.com:

    • “The Chinese dream is to have clear blue skies everyday. There’s still a long way to go.”
    • Last week’s pollution in Beijing: Monday no pollution, Tuesday heavily polluted, Wednesday medium pollution, Thursday low degree, Friday lower degree, Saturday heavy.”
    • “I like to see this kind of report every day from the government.”
    • “It’s not just the air quality, but the weather was awful during the holiday.”
    • “I have to say that the pollution in Beijing comes from firecrackers on the eve of Chinese New Year. The next day was totally foggy and you could barely see a few meters ahead.”
    • “It’s worth thinking about this. Firecrackers are set off during most holidays, but there was never pollution like this. Also during this time, no one was at work; there was no construction, no trucks, and fewer people.

    So why is there still so much pollution?

    Translated by Ming Yue

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