A Gorgeous Sea of Yellow: The Canola Flower Fields of Luoping (Photos)

    A misty morning in the golden landscape. (Image: Weibo.com)Canola terraces. (Image: Fanghong/Wikimedia Commons)The sun rises over the canola fields. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)Only the mountains don't turn yellow! (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)The sculpted landscape becomes yellow when the rapeseed flowers bloom. (Image: Weibo.com)Yellow stretches as far as the eye can see. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)At dawn, the fields take on a curious golden-green color. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)Irrigation channels wind through the carved landscape. (Image: taobaocdn.com)The Jiulong (9 dragon) Waterfall. Even the waterfalls are tiered! (Image: Weibo.com)Riding a water buffalo through the canola. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)Yellow fields against blue skies. (Image: A Jie/Poco.cn)Cherry trees blossom in the spring along with the canola. (Image: Weibo.com)A colorful cart makes its way through the fields of gold. (Image: Weibo.com)

    In early spring, the county of Luoping in China’s eastern Yunnan Province turns golden when the rapeseed flowers bloom across thousands of acres of farmland.

    As well as attracting plenty of photographers, the blossoming canola plants bring in many bees and their keepers who set up tents in the fields. Luoping is a major center for raising bees, and making honey products.

    The ideal time to see the visual spectacle is in February and March. By the time June arrives, the flowers have long withered, and the seeds have set, ready for harvesting to make cooking oil.

    As the plants sway in the breeze, the fields appear to be an endless sea of golden flowers.

    There are many panoramic mountains in the area to get great views of the flowers, like Jinjifeng (Golden Rooster Peak) and Shiwan Dashan (Hundred Thousand Hills). On one of the highest hills is the 100-year-old Lingyi Temple which also has one of the most magnificent views.

    Perhaps the best time to capture the scene in all its glory is at dusk or dawn when the mountain shadows create a distinct contrast against the golden light.

    Research by Ming Yue & Lulu


    Wandering through the golden fields. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)


    Close-up of the canola plants. (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)

    (Image: Jie Xie Chi Lun/Poco.cn)

    Mountains rise like islands in a sea of gold. (Image: Jie Xie Chi Lun/Poco.cn)

    Canola Queen! (Image: )

    Canola queen! (Image: Qingfeng Qingying)

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