Cutest Type of Sheep on the Planet, Found Wandering the Swiss Alps

Deep in the mountains of Switzerland, you’ll met the Valais blacknose sheep during a hike. These endearing, curious, and wooly little creatures even have giant bells round their necks.

Since we get to celebrate the Chinese New Year for two weeks, and 2015 being the Year of the Sheep, it’s time to appreciate the cutest variety. It would be such a romantic little holiday to wander the Alps of Switzerland, all Heidi-like, followed by these friendly sheep along the way.

I have a strange new urge to give it all up and become a shepherd. I’d have a satchel with bread and cheese and a thermos of milk, the sun would warm my face and bare feet, and… I’m just remembering reading Heidi as a girl.

Strangely enough, one of the young women hiking is clearly freaking out that the sheep are following her.

Watch what happens.

Valais black nosed sheep from Switzerland. Yes, you can get some as pets if you want. Do it. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Valais blacknosed sheep from Switzerland. Yes, you can get some as pets if you want. Do it. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Just in case you weren’t sure of the cuteness status as No. 1 on the planet, here they are as newborn lambs, found on the Valais sheep fanclub page.

And, this next one is just Arthur, a pet Valais:

Cute faced valais sheep of Switzerland. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Cute-faced Valais sheep of Switzerland. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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