‘Piece by Piece’ Stands Up Under the Weight of Kelly Clarkson

Out of the music stars to come out of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has been the one who’s music I’ve most taken a liking to. It started after I heard Breakaway and Since U Been Gone. She is the winner of the very first American Idol, back in 2002. She’s on her 7th album now. Piece by Piece is coming out this month.

Kelly Clarkson still got it going on.

Don’t get me wrong, this is pop music, but there is something genuine here. There’s just enough of a rock vibe blended into her work. The songs usually feel balanced. The right synergy is there for just enough realness and positivity. The usual criticism towards this genre of pop is that it’s just a product for a quick sell, similar to products you see on supermarket shelves. True music lovers seek music that becomes part of the fabric of the culture, music that connects with a timeless humanity. But I don’t think at this point in her career that this is so much the case. During her earlier days, who knows? But she seems connected to her music.

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