Ukraine and Russian Youth on YouTube: Diplomacy or Propaganda?

This report from BBC Trending looks at the increasing trend of YouTube videos being uploaded by supposed students from both Ukraine and Russia (and then elsewhere) in which they exchange frank views.

BBC says it’s not possible to confirm the genuineness of these videos and yeah both the first two videos look pretty slick with good looking young people in them and well framed scenes, which could very well be staged. Maybe I’m just getting too cynical.

Either way there are allegations that both sides of the current conflict in eastern Ukraine make use of social media for their own propaganda purposes.

But anyway you be the judge for what you see.

See the full versions of some of the clips mentioned in the BBC report below. My favorite is the last clip: ‘Russian students to Ukrainian students: Forgive us, Forgive us, Forgive us’.

Ukrainian students ask their Russian counterparts to not believe propaganda

 Russian students’ response message to Ukrainian students

Crimean students’ message to Ukrainian students

Russian students to Ukrainian students: Forgive us, Forgive us, Forgive us


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