Will the NFL Ever Wake Up and Allow Helmet Designs Like These?

Fresh Football Helmets
Bold, artistic takes on football helmets. (Image: @deeyung/Twitter)

After this year’s Super Bowl, it’s official: The games are more exciting than the helmets. Not just the helmets, but the uniforms and the logos. Why can’t the NFL do something like what the NBA has done? Lately, the NBA hasn’t shied away from alternate jerseys, updated colors, and whole new themes and color schemes.

Is football ready for change like this?

That’s where we come in. Dee Yung has put his own design ideas out there. But he probably already knows the NFL and college football teams are locked in tradition and scared such changes will stray too far from the originals.

I guess it doesn’t matter, right? A helmet is a helmet. It just needs to protect you and it’s done it’s job. It can also be a canvas for art.

But there are more things updated uniforms and helmets can do. They can drive sales of merchandise, and bring freshness to eyes of the masses of football lovers. In other words, the NFL and college teams need to buy these designs from Dee Yung. He’s such a creative football fanatic, he’s even designed football helmets for basketball and baseball teams on his Instagram page.

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