Is Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ to Become a Wrestler?

Do these recent episodes of both The Daily Show and WWE Monday Night Raw give clues to what Jon Stewart’s future will look like? After announcing he would leave The Daily Show last month, Jon Stewart sees WWE star Seth Rollins shows up on his show, and then he appears on an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Jon Stewart escapes certain demise with a punishing low blow.


It all started with this:

I wonder what he’s up to. He doesn’t look like he could be much of a wrestler. Maybe he could be one of those very talkative wrestling managers. Or even a ringside announcer. I bet someone at WWE offered him a ton of cash. But would it be a good fit?

Well whatever Jon Stewart’s next career move is, whether it consists of dropping in on more wrestling shows, returning to stand-up comedy, or hosting traditional news shows, hopefully he doesn’t have to kick too many more dudes in the groin.


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