What Happens When You Mix Coke and Milk Together? (Video)

Do you like to drink milk? Do you also like to drink Coke? Why not try them mixed together.

Here’s a experiment for you to try. The milk in the video is normal milk, which has a bunch of proteins and calcium. Coke has phosphoric acid.

Acid, even relatively mild acid, curdles milk upon contact. When you mix milk with Coke, the phosphoric acid goes to work, and the milk curdles into little clumps. What is surprising is the reaction with the Coke.

The Coke’s phosphoric acid teams up with the calcium atoms from the milk to make tricalcium phosphate and hydrogen.

The tricalcium phosphate settles to the bottom, and nearly all of Coke’s color disappears.

All that’s left is a bottle that is full of clear liquid, with the acid and protein clumped together at the bottom of the bottle. And there’s probably a lot of hydrogen gas dissolved in there as well.


After the tricalcium phosphate precipitates out when milk and Coke are mixed, the liquid becomes clear. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Not sure how this would taste though. If you have ever tried it, let me know.


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