Italian Fisherman Catches Record 280-Pound Catfish, but Is It Real?

This Italian fisherman is well pleased with himself. He caught this gigantic catfish last Thursday with a rod and reel, and it turns out to be a record.

This monster is one of the largest catfish ever caught with a rod and reel.

That’s right. He reeled it in! In his interview with CNN, he said he struggled for 40 minutes before pulling it ashore from the River Po in Italy with the help of his twin brother. His video proves how big it really is.

These kind of fish don’t taste any good once they get that big, so this is sport fishing, and he released it after a half-hour. The 40-year-old bus driver said it was the thrill of his life.

Catfish can live as long as 80 years and grow as big as 300 pounds.

Catfish live up to their namesakes, and have been filmed catching pigeons gathered on the river bank. Check out the footage here.

He caught this monster sized catfish an Italian river on Thursday. (Screenshot/YouTube)

He caught this monster-sized catfish in an Italian river on Thursday. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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