Is Spider-Man Coming to ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’?

The next Avengers film is sure to bring us characters that we don’t see in the trailer. Marvel has a million of them! And what of West Coast Avengers? And of course, what about Spider-Man?

We may see Spider-Man return to the screen sooner than we think.

This trailer is just a mash-up of what could be. But it isn’t far off. Spider-Man is a major part of the Avengers. He’d have to join up at some point. Marvel knew they’d need him for the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the deal with Sony was worked out. They could have already filmed scenes knowing that he’d be coming home.

In any case, expect some sort of hint or clue to Marvel’s Spider-Man plans. I think an end credits scene should be in order, at least. Whether or not we’ll see Peter Parker or Miles Morales is anyone’s guess. Marvel is all about mixing it up these days.

But characters more likely to be brought in are Ms. Marvel and Black Panther, fan favorites that Marvel is committed to bringing to screen.


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