What Meditating Zen Monkeys Can Teach You About Dealing With the Cold

I want to be these monkeys when I grow up.

Seriously though does it look like anything is bothering them? Not even the ridiculous cold outside. Their faces say it all—look at how calm and Zen they are!

Meditate with these Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) as they soak in natural hot springs.

Filmmaker Art Gimbel made this film which appeared on National Geographic‘s website, helping all those suffering in snow feel a little bit better for a second.

Seeking respite from the snow and ice, these monkeys find ridiculously cute solace in the hot water that surrounds their habitat.

I love meditation, it has changed my life in so many ways. It allows me to buffer situations, look inward, and become a genuinely better person. It chilled me out big time. Though when I look at these monkeys I feel they still deal with snow better than I could!

A snow monkey meditates in a natural hot spring. (Screenshot/YouTube)

A snow monkey meditates in a natural hot spring. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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