Tai Chi Basketball: Have You Seen These 2 Sports Blended Together?

Tai Chi and basketball might seem like two totally different sports.

Basketball involves fast and energetic movements, while Tai Chi has a slow but steady motion. So it’s hard to imagine these sports getting combined.

However, Jiang Shan, a big basketball fan in Beijing, has managed to introduce Tai Chi into a basketball performance. The final effect is as cool as a Kung Fu movie.

Jiang started to learn freestyle basketball playing in 2002. Seven years later, he and other five fans set up a freestyle basketball league called “Move with your heart.”

Prior to winning the national basketball performance contest, they could only practice in the cheapest underground hall. It was here that “Tai Chi basketball” was born in such tough conditions.

Jiang Shan said:

I hope there are more good culture collisions between China and the US.

Jiang’s team has performed Tai Chi basketball all over the world. Jiang also teaches basketball classes to children in Beijing. He has a lot of fun playing basketball, and he wanted the school kids to get to enjoy it too.

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