Here’s the Chinese Video Version of ‘Gun Shot Prank’

If you go on YouTube a lot, you must have seen at least one of the shooting pranks that has gone viral there in recent months.

Though YouTube is censored in China, mainlanders have managed to join the prank team, and have developed a collection of funny videos called: “Bro, don’t kill me!”

The trick is simple. The supposed victim lights a firecracker round a corner, then steps back with a look of panic, mumbling: “Please, don’t kill me, bro. No, bro. Don’t kill me…”

Then he falls down the moment the firecracker goes “bang.”

Weibo bloggers have shared this video more than 30,000 times so far.

One of them commented:

LOL. These people are really Oscar winners.

It is pretty funny watching the people’s reactions, but please bear in mind that firecrackers are dangerous and have caused a series of accidents and even deaths in China.

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