Maserati Poodle: This Smart Dog Opened Up His Master’s Locked Car

These poodles saved the day for their owner. (Image:
These poodles saved the day for their owner. (Image:

A Maserati driver in China who locked his keys inside his car solved the problem in a unique way!

Many people love dogs and keep them as pets, not just for company, but for help when in danger or difficulty. Here’s what this clever dog did to help his owner, Mr. Xu, open the car…

Mr. Xu was driving on the highway toward Hangzhou, and stopped to take a lunch break. When he came back to where the car was parked, he realized that he’d left the keys inside, and the car had automatically locked itself. Unfortunately the spare key was also inside the car.

Mr. Xu's Maserati. (Image:

Mr. Xu’s Maserati. (Image:

He called the police because his two pet poodles were inside the car, and he was worried about them being stuck inside with the windows shut.

The police helped Mr. Xu get hold of a mechanic, but unfortunately he couldn’t open the door, and the emergency assistance services said they couldn’t get there for hours.

Luckily for Mr. Xu, the dogs were jumping around inside, and one of them happened to touch the lock on the door, amazingly unlocking the car for him.

Mr. Xu was so happy about what happened that he told people nearby how smart his pets were and how they had saved him time and money, according to

Man’s best friend saved the day!

Mr. Xu with his clever poodles. (Image:

Mr. Xu with his clever poodles. (Image:


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