Why Daylight Savings Time Doesn’t Really Matter

I didn’t realize it was Daylight Savings Time until I woke up and realized: “Boy, do I feel tired.” These days many people use clocks that switch to Daylight Savings automatically. And if you’re one of the many who use your cell phone as an alarm clock, you’d practically not notice the switch.

Daylight Savings, your #1 excuse for being late to work.

In the past, you’d have to remember to manually set your clock. You forget, and you’re ruined. You’d wonder why everybody is already settled in at work or school while you’re just arriving. It’s a spooky feeling, like stepping out of a time warp.

Not every country has Daylight Savings Time. And that’s because it doesn’t really matter. Time itself has not changed, just that thing that keeps track of it: your clock. And now that Daylight Savings has occurred, you’re all out of sync with all those countries that don’t have it.

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