Why Does the Color of ‘The Dress’ Matter?

I really didn’t want to get involved in this discussion. I figured, whatever color the dress happens to be, who cares? It’s a dress.

If you want to buy that dress and show it around, and have it change color in front of your friends so they’ll think you’re cool. Do it. It’s good to be cool.

I don’t wear dresses of any color, anyway. So why should I care?

There are videos online about color changing car paint. That caught my interest. Then I found out they were a hoax. And all my dreams of chameleon car pageantry ended.

But this issue tells me something I already knew–that different people see the world differently. And it’s not just limited to what color an item of clothing might be. I already knew that from my colorblind father. The world itself and the way you construct it in your mind, yeah, it sure won’t be the same one person to another.

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