Communist Thugs Ousted in Taipei as New Police Chief Steps In (Video)

The new police chief is dealing with the communist issue in Taiwan (Image: CNA News)
The new police chief is dealing with the communist issue in Taiwan (Image: CNA News)

A new broom sweeps clean. Finally the new police chief is dealing with the communist issue in Taiwan, but that’s not the end of the story.

As you may already know, there’s been a serious problem with communists in Taiwan threatening and beating people in front of Taipei 101 on an almost daily basis. Taiwanese people took plenty of videos as evidence calling for the government to deal with it.

Dr. Wen-je Ko, the new mayor of Taipei City, gave former Xinyi Precinct police chief De-wei Lee two choices: protect the meditators or get fired. But the communists were still acting up arrogantly, and apparently Taiwanese people are really fed up with it.

Finally here comes some good news….

The new police chief, Jing-tian Wu, who took up the official post on March 5 actually took action the next day, arresting three people who claimed to be communists from the Concentric Patriotism Alliance and had been yelling around Taipei 101 and harassing Falun Gong practitioners there.

Wu promised to “implement protection of the legitimate, ban illegal acts, and prevent and control violence,” according to Epoch Times.


Jing-tian Wu promised immediate action. (Image:

This video was filmed at the scene of them being arrested.

It’s obvious that the cocky lady, Zhang Xiuye, did not cooperate. As usual she yelled loudly and even played dead.

Remember the words the woman shouted previously? For example:

  • “I’m a Communist. So what? I also hope that the CCP comes here as soon as possible to eliminate all of you.”
  • “Yes, I am a Chinese Communist Party thug. You should be glad I haven’t hacked you to death”
  • “It’s not gonna work even if you replace 10 police chiefs”

They sound so ironic now!

Bloggers praised the new police chief and expressed their appreciation. Some made comments like: “He’s getting rid of the evil for the people,” and “Well done!”

But there’s more… Following this, Xinyi Precinct persuaded the Falun Gong practitioners who have been peacefully expressing their wishes there to leave Taipei 101.


Wen-Je Ko said they would set rules to deal with the issue. (Image: Epoch Times)

To this, Taipei Mayor Wen-Je Ko said on March 9 that we should set “rules of the game” that everyone would accept or at least tolerate.

DPP Legislator Pasuya Yao believes that “reprimanding both sides” is hypocritical. Taiwan has freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. Falun Gong adherents had just gathered there quietly and peacefully, and weren’t interfering or blocking other people’s way. The police should protect them, not “deal with” them, according to Epoch Times.

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