In Europe, the Ballerinas Dance on Bicycles

Europe is home to artistic cycling, which is basically a dance on a bicycle.

A ballerina on a bicycle epitomizes European cycling.

I don’t know how they get such incredible balance, but they make this look so easy I could cry. And another reason I could cry is that they’re not just wearing tight, stretchy cycling gear, they’re wearing entire leotards! And with ballet slippers, at that.

The next time I go out on my bicycle, would this be a good fashion choice? It probably wouldn’t stand out much if I roll through downtown New York City. But if I could do the moves these ladies do, then I’d wear whatever I want.

This sort of competition is a tradition in Europe, even though it was invented in the U.S. long ago. How many of you are willing to bring it back to the U.S.? Imagine if you saw these types of stunts at bike parks, outshining the snarling crowds of BMXers.

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